Airport Advertising

Airport advertising offers the highest reach amongst all forms of Outdoor Advertising due to the compounding unique impressions gained by low frequency travellers. Airport precincts are typically engaging with new audiences each day (with the exception of the frequent Domestic business traveller), allowing advertisers to maximise their Cost Per Million exposure. Airport advertising has varying costs to entry, offering some of the cheapest, to some of the most expensive advertising panels in the country.

Airport advertising is made up by Domestic, International, Departures, Arrivals, External and Internal panels, all strategically positioned to best communiate with your target market. Airports are highly targeted, high dwell environments, offering exposure to captive audiences awaiting their flight, processing through passport control and at Duty Free.

There are many profiles that make up the various travellers utilising the Airport precincts, but advertisers should generally put consideration around Domestic (being weighted to a more affluent frequent business traveller) or International holiday maker, with the latter typically being a broader audience.

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- High Reach

  • Internal targeting: check-in, baggage claim, passport control and duty free
  • Captive audience exposure due to high dwell environment
  • Most economical product set
  • Backlit display

Panel is available at all major airports

- Huge Impact

  • Landmark positioning and ownership
  • Most remembered and recognised product-set
  • External targeting: international, domestic, departures and arrivals

Panel is available at all major airports, Various Sizes

- Customise Your Campaign

  • High resolution digital screens
  • No production cost
  • Can be purchased in isolation or as packages
  • Internal or external targeting

Panel is available at all major airports, Various Sizes

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