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COVID-19 Digital Marketing Advisory
Success Plan

100% advisory service & all implementation and work will be conducted by the business owner. all advisory services and audit will be conducted remotely online utilising zoom, screen share and online folders of recordings and summaries of advice given verbally.

Conduct a full audit of your all their online digital platforms
Work with our advisory team for implementing digital marketing activities for your business. brand, product or service. we guide you to identify and build a plan to help your business grow where you will get the best return on investment. we will advise how to increase the businesses digital visibility to help your business succeed in the current economic situation as a result of covid-19.


Advice how to adapt your business Digital Marketing Activities in the Covid-19 climate
Access what the effect of Covid-19 has had on the business and industry and advise a plan to respond
Review, identify and plan how to respond best and advise on how to create and adapt to the new climate of business and how to optimise this for your business, brand, product or service.

Implementation Support

Review advised strategies once implemented by the business and advise where improvements can be made. This will include a Digital Marketing Strategy Session to ensure increased online visibility is starting to be achieved.
Review your target audience and how they are engaging with the business digital channels and identify and define new strategies where improvement is needed.

After implementation by the business owner for a period of time we will again audit their digital visibility including all Digital initiatives advised above to ensure they are reaching the right audience to achieve maximum visibility and resulting sales. If advised strategies have not produced the needed results we would reassess and advise new opportunities to achieve results needed to grow the business.


Advise on how to adapt as a result of the updated audit and assess if the new strategies are achieving great success with changes in Covid-19 levels.

Advise how to analyse and review their competitors to assess additional opportunities. Brand positioning audit – Review if they are utilising the correct channels advised for optimal reach for their business, brand, product or service.

Advise the differences between organic and paid Content and Advertising opportunities - research opportunities where they can gain first gain organic followers and whether paid advertising is needed and advise channel campaigns that would provide the businesses the best return on investment for their business.

Implementation Support

Highly confidential and safe space approach auditing and maximising their digital presence with our 1-1 coaching and advisory service - ensure digital strategies are being implemented through each session and advise in required areas of further learning.

This advisory service with be provided online through video sessions, screen sharing with recordings available where required. This will be provided and saved for access for a period of up to 12 months once a level of advisory services has a achieved a confident business owner who can now based on the advice to now implement their own strategies and identify their own opportunities

The advisory service and business owner implementation, review and audit process will be conducted over a 3-month period with 1 – 2, 1 hour sessions weekly, Once a month 1 to 2 hour auditing and covers the advice given with time periods for the business owner to implement advice given in the 1st and second month. The 3rd month will be a final audit based on implemented advice and will provide further advice on what to implement, what to maximise and what to optimise over the next 3 months. The 3 month period is important to allow the business owner to implement advice given and a review and audit process.

Additional advice will be given on the best free & low cost platforms, apps, software to use to implement the recommended strategies based on the advice given.

Total hours: 17 hours = Total cost of this session is $ 4,760 +gst ($280 per hour).

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