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Success Plan

This program provides one on one personalised coaching specific to your business situation, unique needs, evaluation tools and strategies that can significantly and permanently improve your business visibility, engagement and conversion focussing more in the online space.

Programme Content

We will evaluate the following areas where relevant to your specific needs Each of the following will be expanded into all the various moving parts. During this program you will learn numerous ways to improve your digital strategy and business results with ongoing free support post the program.

  • Google Analytics - Conversion Tracking and Analysis
  • Your websites current performance
  • Your website and online content
  • Your digital platforms
  • SEO, what it is and how to improve it
  • You Tube - The benefits of using video
  • Sales and consultancy meetings using Zoom or Hangouts
  • How to leverage social media and engagement
  • How and where to network for your business
  • Where to access free resources to help your business
  • Which online business groups to join that will benefit your business

The Programme

This program aims to empower the business owner to understand the digital resources available and apply strategies that can be maximised to improve your business results. The main focus is to increase the number of strong leads, nurturing enquiries, conversion to sales, ongoing engagement and encouraging long term loyalty with your business.

This program will ensure you are empowered with knowledge and strategies that are sustainable and achievable for ongoing success in your business.

KPI’s for this program

  • Empowered with the knowledge and tools to successfully run your own digital marketing campaigns
  • Actionable and sustainable strategies to implement in your business going forward
  • Knowledge and resources to train your staff
  • Confidence to successfully manage challenges going forward
  • Reduced stressed with renewed direction and strategies
  • Open forum questions to understand any technical strategies
  • Ongoing free support following the program end

This program will be provided remotely via Zoom or Hangouts and can include phone calls and email communication.

On request parts of the program can be delivered in person at Business North Harbour meeting rooms subject to current Covid 19 Alert Levels present at the time.

The program is designed to be delivered remotely or one request in person if local to Auckland and can include other staff members in the same program sessions alongside the business owner.

This program will be delivered in weekly or fortnightly 1-2 sessions over an 8-week period to allow for discussed strategies and changes to be implemented by the business and results reviewed in forthcoming sessions.

The cost of the 8-week program is $3,800.

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