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COVID-19 Transitioning to
Digital Success

As a business we have seen and heard the challenges that small to medium businesses have faced with Covid 19 and this program is designed to help businesses to transition sales and marketing efforts to digital. This could include assisting bricks and mortar businesses in the development of an e-commerce or online focused strategy from the ground up or working together to help you build and engage with your customer base to transition from Offline to Online by adopting the best fit and most economical digital marketing strategies.

About Stealth Media

At Stealth Media, we specialise in working with small to SME businesses across a broad range of industries. Our digital strategy coaches have close to 30 years of experience and have also successfully run businesses and have helped numerous struggling businesses to be profitable and sustainable. Our digital strategy coaches will assist you to explore and evaluate options that are available to your business in the current economic crisis, to help you develop a digital and online strategy and work towards an actionable plan that will mean your business will be able to continue positively in current operations and ongoing by empowering you with knowledge, encouragement and support.

The Programme

The programme will be one-on-one sessions, with preplanning, an initial 2- 3-hour planning session and then a weekly or fortnightly coaching of up to 1 hour per session for 8 - 12 weeks depending on the availability of the business to attend coaching sessions. This will include correspondence in between sessions.

8 weeks would be the minimum time period to deliver the program and 12 weeks would be the maximum with the number of hours remaining the same.

This 8 - 12-week program is $4,500.

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