Mall Advertising

Retail is bigger and bolder than ever in New Zealand. With a combination of 50 retail environments across the country, full motion digital technology and CRAFT, the most robust audience measurement tool, providing a reach of over 70% is now easy. Make your presence felt across our network at the very time people are most interested in buying.

When shopping, consumers are comfortable, familiar and open to consideration of new products. Our unparalleled portfolio of classic and dynamic retail assets enable brands to get advertising messages in front of the customer in a high dwell time environment, at the pinnacle stage in their purchasing cycle.

Want to reach customers when their wallets are open?

Maximum Exposure

Shopalives offer world-leading digital screen technology. Positioned at entrances, exits, main thoroughfares of the shopping centres as well as en route to key retailers ensuring maximum exposure to shoppers.

Brand Reach

Shopalite panels are a proven classic retail advertising format that deliver maximum brand reach. Similar to Shopalives, these formats are also positioned at entrances and exits, main thoroughfares and within close proximity to key retailers.

Full Motion Impact

A network of 15 large format, full motion, dynamic, digital screens this format is ideal for delivering impact in our highest footfall centres.

Brand Impressions Become Interactions

Our latest innovation in the Retail space, EXCITE, enables brands to personally connect and interact with shoppers. These interactive digital panels use touchscreen, webcam, kinetic camera, speakers and microphone to create a 1:1 immersive brand experience. For example, you can use EXCITE to host games and run competitions. With 15 panels in optimal locations and 100% SOV these formats are great for delivering immense engagement ultimately providing high ROI.

Be Present in High Dwell Areas

With both digital and static options positioned in high dwell areas across 5 media regions, Entice panels are great for delivering reach across high footfall centres. If you want to capitalise on a longer dwell time, at key high traffic locations, Entice is the advertising solution for you.

Targeted Exposure

A network of 74 panels in an efficient environment, parentlites provide high dwell times of 10+ minutes with almost no media wastage. Dominating this retail space this format performs extremely well allowing a highly targeted response.

Centre of Attention

Rounding out our portfolio of retail advertising options are high impact formats such as lightboxes, floor decals and bespoke builds. They are ideal for maximising cut through creative solutions and delivering centre dominations for your brand.

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