At Stealth Media LTD, we do not only boast a wealth of creativity, innovativeness, expertise, knowledge and experience, but we also boast deep-founded integrity.

We are an esteemed organization, having the utmost regard for the confidentiality and privacy of all of our clients’ sensitive and personal information. Any such information gathered by us, is protected not only by laws and regulations, but also by the pride we take in our integrity.

Unless specifically required, or encouraged, by our clients to share any sensitive and personal information of theirs, we’re committed to protect any such information by sharing only agreed-upon information within the content of their websites.

We gather information from you when you submit an enquiry, or when you visit our site, call us for information or send us an email. Typical examples of such information include:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your company name, address, telephone and fax number
  • We use the information you provide us only to :

Such information is used only to enable us to:

  • Improve or amend the quality of our service
  • Take necessary action on any requests you make
  • Supply you with requested information
  • Conduct thorough market research

Unless specifically authorised, or requested otherwise by our clients themselves, no sensitive and personal information of theirs will be shared with any third party. Thus, through our sheer integrity, the Privacy and Confidentiality thereof is guaranteed.


Stealth Media LTD’s website may contain links to other External Websites. Following these links and/or visiting such external websites, is at the sole discretion of our site’s visitors and our clients. Should visitors to our site, or our clients, choose to follow these links and/or visit such external websites, we do not accept any responsibility or liability, for your privacy or experience on such sites.

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